As a parent of a Crown Prep scholar, you play a vital role in the growth of our school community. Our goal is to provide your child with the highest-quality middle school education so that he or she can succeed in high school, college and beyond. Although we implement effective curriculum and promote strong character traits, we need your help to achieve our goal.


Your child’s attendance is of utmost important in his or her success. Studies indicate that middle school absenteeism is highly predictive of academic achievement and on-time high

school graduation. This means that missing class in middle school is likely to significantly impact a scholar’s performance in high school. At Crown Prep, our rigorous academic curriculum and high expectations mean every day is important to the education of your child. Missing one day of instruction at Crown Prep is like missing three days at a typical school elsewhere. Help ensure that your scholar receives consistent, uninterrupted instruction by ensuring that he or she is at school, on time and ready to learn. Help us help them by doing your best to avoid early dismissals and by scheduling appointments after school hours or on the weekend.

Open House & Parent Teacher Conferences

Twice each year, Crown Prep hosts an Open House where we invite all Crown Prep parents and families to visit the campus and talk with their children’s teachers. This gives teachers the opportunity to inform you about what you child will be learning this year, the type of homework that can be expected, what is required of your child in class, and the type of help they expect from you. Additionally, Crown Prep holds Parent-Teacher Conferences two times each year. It is critical that you attend this meeting with your child’s teachers so they can discuss your child’s performance, how they can improve, and opportunities available to support them.

Parent Involvement

Crown Prep parents and families have a number of opportunities to become involved through school volunteer programs, parent workshops, monthly cafecitos and town hall meetings, as well as other school-sponsored events. We encourage all Crown Prep parents and families to contribute at least 10 hours of service throughout each school year to support our students and the greater school community. For more information about how you can get involved, please contact our Parent Liaison in the Main Office at 213-448-9747.