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STEM Preparatory Schools understands this closure presents challenges for many families, and we are committed to providing you as many resources as possible during this very difficult time. Click the button to access information and resources. View our COVID-19 Operations Written Report.

In Response to COVID-19

We are family

We build our legacy by caring for, learning from, and supporting each other.

We are agents of change

We disrupt the status quo by being daring, reflective, resourceful, and resilient.

We are STEM thinkers

We solve problems through collaboration, innovation, passion, and perseverance.

Welcome to Crown Preparatory Academy!

At Crown Prep, we believe that students can achieve regardless of race, socio-economic status, ethnic background, or previous academic performance.

Crown Prep is part of the STEM Prep family of schools, which is committed to disrupting the status quo of inequitable access to high quality STEM pathways for women and minorities by cultivating a family of students and staff who solve problems through collaboration, innovation, passion, and perseverance.

Mission and Vision

The mission of STEM Prep Schools is to provide an underserved area of Los Angeles with a standards-aligned STEM-themed educational program to develop scholars into successful into successful college graduates and professionals, through equal access and inspiration, rigorous curriculum, and a commitment to our Core Values.

The vision of STEM Prep Schools is to create a kindergarten through college pipeline of individuals who will transform their community by closing the socio-economic, ethnic, and gender gaps in STEM fields, and serving as role models who exhibit scholarliness, advocacy, perseverance, and kindness.


Principal's Message

Welcome parents, guardians, and students to Crown Preparatory Academy! I am honored to serve as your Principal and I look forward to a great school year full of academics and extracurricular activities. My commitment to each family is that every student who attends Crown Preparatory Academy will be prepared for the academic rigor in high school. It is our goal to ensure that all students will enter high school with the confidence and necessary skills to become college-ready and prepared to enter a STEM field.

We are committed to disrupting the status quo by providing access to high quality STEM pathways for women and minorities through collaboration, innovation, passion, and perseverance.Through STEM Prep programs, students are given the technology, skills, and knowledge to be effective members of our school community and a global society. We are committed to doing all we can to make Crown Preparatory Academy a place for every student to learn, grow, and explore. We firmly believe that a home/school collaboration is essential for the success of all of our students.

Thank you in advance for your support and commitment. I look forward to partnering with you to make this an exciting and successful year for our students.


Daniel Moreno, Principal

Photo of Principal Moreno


Crown Preparatory Academy
Charter Renewal Petition
for a Five Year Term
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2025

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