Crown Preparatory Academy

LA Charter School for Grades 5 – 8

STEM Education for all

Empowering underserved communities in Los Angeles

Who We Are

At Crown Prep Academy, we’re more than just a school – we’re a dedicated community committed to empowering young minds. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, we focus on nurturing the potential of students in grades 5 to 8, with a special emphasis on underserved communities. Our innovative approach to education blends rigorous STEM preparation with a supportive environment, ensuring every student has the opportunity to thrive. Join us on a journey of discovery, where knowledge reigns supreme and every student is prepared to wear their Crown of success.

Our Students

As a vibrant and diverse community of young learners in grades 5 to 8, our students represent the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow. With a strong focus on STEM education, our students embark on a journey of exploration and curiosity, driven by their passion for discovery. We provide them with the tools, guidance, and opportunities they need to excel academically, foster creativity, and develop essential skills for a lifetime of success. At Crown Prep, our students are not only prepared for the challenges ahead but are also inspired to shape a brighter world.

Our Family

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